Norms and Standards
Agriculture Garden Up to Grade 9 (2021-22)
Agriculture Laboratory Grades 10-11 (2021-22)
Art & Design Room Up to Grade 11-13 (2021-22)
Art & Design Junior Specialist Room (2021-22)
Audio Visual Room - all Grades (2021-22)
Biology Laboratory Up to Grade 11 (2021-22)
Biology Laboratory Up to Grade 13 (2021-22)
Chemistry Laboratory Up to Grade 11 (2021-22)
Chemistry Laboratory Up to Grade 13 (2021-22)
Computer Laboratory - all Grades (2021-22)
Design & Technology Junior Workshop (2021-22)
Design & Technology Workshop Up to Grade 11-13 (2021-22)
Design Studio Up to Grade 11-13 (2021-22)
Fashion-Design and Textiles Workshop Up to Grade 11-13 (2021-22)
Food & Textiles Studies Junior Laboratory (2021-22)
Food Laboratory Up to Grade 11-13 (2021-22)
Library Grades 12 & 13 only (2021-22)
Library Up to Grade 11 (2021-22)
Library Up to Grade 13 (2021-22)
Library Up to Grade 9 (2021-22)
Music and Dance Room - all Grades (2021-22)
Music Room - all Grades (2021-22)
Physics Laboratory Up to Grade 11-13 (2021-22)
School Farm -Grade 11 (2021-22)
Science Junior Laboratory ( 2021-22)
Sports and Recreational Facilities in Schools (2021-22)
Registration/Application Forms
Subject combination taught at HSC level
Application Form for Registration of a Manager of a School​
Application for registration of school
Application for registration of Rector, deputy rector, principal of a school
Application for Registration of a School Notes of Guidance - 2017
Application for Payment of Grants​​
Application For Authority To Employ a Teacher-Instructor​
Finance Related Forms
Application for passage benefits
Application for an advance to purchase a Motor Vehicle
Application for Change of Motor Vehicle for Travel Grant / Travelling Allowance
Private secondary schools group loan protection scheme
Option form for monthly car allowance in lieu of duty free car
Application form for Travel Grant
Scheme of Service NTS
Library Clerk
Library Officer
General Worker Caretaker
Gate Keeper
General Attendant
College Clerk PSS
Clerk Word Processing Operator
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